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The reviewers and editors at PerfectRower put a great deal of effort into finding the best machines on the market.

A Top Rowing Machine Review Site Picks Two Favorites for 2018

Rowing is a great way to get in shape and stay that way. Elite rowers are some of the most impressive athletes of all, coupling world-class power and strength with incredible aerobic fitness.

While not everyone can aspire to reach such heights, even a bit of rowing can make life more fun while delivering plenty of fitness-related benefits. Getting a terrific rowing machine workout at home is easier than ever before, thanks to the variety of models on the market. All that it will normally take to find the perfect unit will be to rely on an in-depth indoor rowing machine buyers guide like the one found online at

Two Leading Rowing Machines Regularly Top the Charts

The reviewers and editors at PerfectRower put a great deal of effort into finding the best machines on the market. While there are now hundreds of different products to choose from, most buyers will do well to first consider one of these favorites:

Concept2 Model D. A fairly compact machine with a distinctive design, Concept2's Model D is a fine all-around choice. Experienced athletes and novices alike will appreciate how its continuously adjustable resistance allows them to tailor workouts to their own fitness levels. The built-in Performance Monitor 5 feature makes it easy to keep up with progress, whether in terms of how many calories have been expended or if any new records have been set. Well-built and designed to last many years, the Model D also breaks down easily into two pieces to be put away for storage.

JTX Freedom. Aimed more at beginning and occasional rowers than the Concept2 Model D, the JTX Freedom can be an equally fine choice for those who fall into these groups. With an affordable price that belies its quality of construction and feature set, the Freedom is ready to grow with those who become more enthusiastic about the sport. Its eighteen adjustable resistance levels will suit most rowers well, even if some very advanced and fit users might want to consider moving up further. As a way to get started with rowing at home, however, the Freedom is difficult to beat.

Putting in the Strokes is What Matters the Most

Many at-home rowers will be well accommodated by one of these two highly regarded models. Even for those who end up choosing differently, rowing can easily become one of the most rewarding activities of all. As so many have already discovered, this enjoyable form of exercise inevitably produces plenty of results.